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Broken Spring Repair

In the recent past we served a customer who has been conned severally by service providers in the town. At times the customer had been overcharged or charged for issues that did not even exist. He explains his frustrations when he was told he needed a new motor installation and the problem was just a broken spring. I know we have many such victims but with garage door repair in Astoria New York such problems are a past tense. We examine your garage door to know the exact problem and we never try things we are not sure of. In most case the garage door fails to open because of a broken spring or just because the spring is rusty. In case of a broken spring we try to repair it or replace it. Sometimes the problem may be as simple as oiling the rusty spring. We only recommend new door installation when it is inevitable or if the customer wants the door to be changed. If you suspect a problem with your door spring contact us now and we will repair or substitute it at a reasonable price. The spring is a very important part of a garage door and if a problem with a spring is not solved properly. It may bring further damages to the door which means more cost. We are the only ones in the city that offer spring servicing tips to our clients.

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