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New Motor Installation Services

One of the other important of a garage door is the motor. The motor is placed in the door opener, it assist in closing and opening of the door. If the motor is not operating properly, you will have problems opening or closing your garage door. The motor is a very sensitive and technical chunk of your door opener and we advise our customer to leave it to the experts just as the case with broken spring. Regardless of how handy you feel you can be do not touch the motor if you are not an expert as this could lead to more serious problem which will force for a new door installation. At Astoria garage door repair we have well trained personnel to solve all your motor issues. Being an electrical gadget, the motor is prone to faults and it need to be inspected from time to time. The motor fault may just require minor repairs but it normally requires anew motor connection. Do not wait until your motor is much damaged. If you suspect any fault with your door opener or the whole door, contact us to come and inspect to detect the exact problem. Astoria garage door repair local representatives are always ready to serve you at any time. Our representatives are well trained and have experience with different brands of doors to ensure your issues are addressed correctly.

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